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Picoworkers is an online micro job market place. It  is the world best micro job side ever seen I have.It has several process to earn money.Every member of Picoworkers can work as a employer and freelancer.Withdrawal limit is cross 5$. withdrawal method is Paypal,Bitcoin,Litecoin.

What kind of work you get  on there?

Many kinds of mini task have there Sign Up,Website visit,Watching video,Subscribe channel,Like and comments on YoutubeVideo. those job are very simple ,easy and short time.You can choice and work  easily as you wish.

How Can You Work As A Employer ?

Its the same as freelancing work,what kind of work you can as a freelancer and the same way to you can post those work as a employer.

What is the value of these work?

Sign Up: lowest limit 0.08$ If employer has extra work for you then you will give more (time needed to do this work 2 minute)
Watch  video: low limit 0.04$

Like and Comment: low limit 0.05$

visit website: lowest 0.03$

New payment system at Picoworkers

Picoworkers had Lightcoin, PayPal and Bitcoin in the previous payment system. But now think of workers in different countries in Asia, where PayPal and cryptocurrency have introduced Skrill payment systems for those who have a lot of trouble. Which has been a lot of benefits for everyone. Because Skrill is an easy way to deposit and withdraw money.
The money that freelancing workers get from doing many small jobs at Picoworkers comes in handy, but the hassle-free payment system makes it difficult for them to raise that money, so adding a Skrill payment system to Picowarkers has done a good job.

What to do if you want to earn more in Picoworkers.

Picoworkers are not an area where you can earn a million bucks a month! You can earn at least Rs 5,000 a month by spending 3-4 hours a day, just be patient and don't think of any work as small, as Picoworkers is a microjob site.
Work daily and  earn  money.

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