Internet from the space

The system can be changed to the system service. US Organ Tesla Chief Executive Election Mask Shiggir is going to start internet service from the space. It has been found in recent tweets of him. In October 2019, Tesla CEO posted a tweet, which was sent from the space through the Serlington satellite.

He has published the future plan of the Internet from the space through this starlink satellite. A mixed company's spaces have been reported in the tweet, Starlink satellites are ready to supply worldwide internet. Starlink will supply high speed broadband internet in such a place where access is incredible, expensive or rare. The mask tweet said they can provide internet services from the August this year. The beginning of the private beta will be started on the Publisher Beta version.

Starlink is basically a single internet service satellite, which is traveling to provide internet access to the Earth orbit. However, only mask and his company is not working for such services. Last year, the world's top rich Amazon's entrepreneur Jeff Baseos announced the introduction of such internet services. It is learned that the internet facilities planned to launch the three-facing 23-satancelles to the Internet under the universal community. Besides Amazon, Facebook is working on such plans. But before all, all the mask brings to the broadband service is being presented. He has plans to use 30 thousand satellites to appear to send the Sortine Brotherband service to the customer. Last year, 60 satellites were experimentally sent.

Technology Web Senate said that mask used to see the starring terminal at his house. The United States has already approved 12 thousand starchlink satellites. With the international telecommunications, the work of the mask papers has ended. The next 10 months in the United States will be hosted by the BellDord service.

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