Multiple accounts Problem in Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a way of earning by placing ad on Blogspot,Website,Apps and Youtube.But many of the beginner facing to a problem with google adsense.Because they are already created a adsense account with youtube now they can't added it to blogspot.

👉👉What is The Google law?👇👇👇

✊On google security law, google never allow multiple account on adsense.One user can use only one adsense account either your earning will be loss.

What Is The Sollution?

Every problem has a sollution☺,this problem you can solve by varius process 

1.If you wants to work with blogger with blogspot domain without any investment  you need to delete your first adsense account.Then you can apply for adsense.

2.You can buy a Master Domain like .com, .info, .net then you can apply on blogspot for adsense on youtube host adsense account.

3.If you unable to do and you wants to create multiple accounts, you  can do, but its not good practice.

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