4 common question about picoworkers

4 common question about picoworkers

1. Is picoworkers legit site?
Ans:- Yes,picoworkers is most trusted freelancing microjob site.

2. How can i withdraw my payment at picoworkers?
Ans:- picoworkers has two system two withdraw your money. a) by crypto currency.  b) by PayPal.

3. Can i use multiple account on picoworkers?
Ans:-No,picoworkers authority has very strict rules,if you create multiple account you will banned immediately.

4. How can i talk with picoworkers authority?
Ans:- At the picoworkers job page, you will find on the footer a support option,you can connect with them by clicking that!

You can earn a 15-20$ month dollar by a small work in PicoWorkers , just daily in 1 hour. PicoWorkers is a lot of multiple times from any micro Job site, because its service is to get their service, you will find a 24 hour support help from picoworkers Any problem they will solve it. The things that make at PicoWorkers are absolutely easy. The most easy is to visit the website and visit YouTube video. More different types of work are available, whether they are depending on you. It is a matter of a monthly pocket cost by working on PicoWorkers.

Thanks for attention,keep working at picoworkers.

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