Corona treatment claims success in research in Hong Kong.

Patients with mild or mild illnesses of coronavirus infection recover faster if they are treated with antiviral cocktails of three drugs as soon as symptoms appear.  That is the claim of the researchers in Hong Kong.

  The authors of the study, published in the Lancet on Friday, described the findings as "preliminary but important".
 Researchers have called for greater research to determine whether the drug combo could be an effective treatment for critically ill patients, the AFP news agency reported.

 "Our experiment showed that a combination of three antiviral drugs combined with a combination of three antiviral drugs, early treatment of mild to moderate Covid-19 patients can quickly suppress the amount of virus in the body," said Kovac-Young Yuen, a professor at the University of Hong Kong who led the study.

 Researcher Kovak-Young claims that the procedure is safe for the patient and reduces the risk to health workers by eliminating the symptoms of the disease.
 Scientists are scrambling to find effective drugs against the new coronavirus, but there is currently no cure, cure or vaccine, AFP reported.

 The study, conducted in Hong Kong, looked at 127 adult patients from six hospitals.  Six of them were given three drugs interferon beta-1b, Lopinavir-Ritonavir used for the treatment of HIV and Ribavirin for hepatitis in a two-week course.  Lopinavir-Ritonavir was given to 41 people in a controlled manner.

 Five days after the onset of symptoms, treatment with quality services and oxygen therapy is started.  The researchers then tested the swab test after how many days their results were negative.  It found that those who received a combination of the three drugs recovered on average in 7 days (5 to 11 days).  On the other hand, in the case of the control group, it took 12 days.  In other words, the patient can recover in a very short time with this method.
 The study found that patients in the group who received combo drugs had better body symptoms in 4 days than those in the control group.  In case of control group it took 7 days.  The hospitalized patients were examined from February 10 to March 20.

 The researchers said there were some limitations to their research.  Patients already knew what medicine they were getting.  Those whose symptoms lasted more than 7 days were not covered by the test.  Because there was a risk of inflammation.  Lopinavir-Ritonavir and Ribavirin were given to 34 of them.  18 of them were in the controlled group.  It took a long time for these two groups to recover.  This means that interferon works within the first week of the onset of symptoms.

 Responding to the study, Stephen Evans, a professor in the Department of Pharmacopodemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said the inclusion of interferon beta in the list of appropriate, evidence-based, promising treatments for testing has been considered.  From long experience it has become clear that HIV is best treated with a combination of different drugs and this can also be the case with Covid-19.

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