Free Google Meet for everyone.

Google has announced that the video meeting for G-suite customers is allowed to use the 'Google Meet' for free at all priority for the 'Google Meet'. Slowly from this week, you will find this service. This information has been reported in a report of Forbes. The free meeting software can use 100 people and you can use as long as needed. But the seventh will be set up for one hour since September.

The Google Meet Tool will be easy to create and join the meeting as the Cross-app facility. This will support Google Calendar, Gmail Web, Android and IOS App. Of course, to use the competing zoom software, where there is just a link, there will be Google Accounts to use Google Moti. Google has also been found for different organizations where the tool used in groups such as groups. If Gue suit is not subscriber, then Gue suits for the SEH Senses for them.

It has advanced facilities such as dial, large-scale meetings, recording, in the mobile number of Google Mix. Up to September, the suite suits of Asian and all features are allowed to use the price. In the Kodd-19-digit, Google has increased the advantage of the video call, as well as go to the zoom. Google's initiative is considered to be a big change in the video conferencing market.

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