The World and Space at a glance.

Space episode

The World and Space at a glance

Countries with the honor of setting foot in space - (Russia, United States,
The rocket was invented by Hatching Govard of the United States (in 1926).
The first satellite to be launched from Earth is called Sputnik 1.
Sputnik 1 sent into space - Soviet Union.
The first unmanned spacecraft to test the moon - "Lukhonad 1".
Name of the first living creature to go into space - Laika (dog).
Luna landed on the 9th moon - in 1986.
Luna 9 is the first unmanned spacecraft to land safely on the moon.
Name of the world's first astronaut - Yuri Gagarin (Soviet Union): spacecraft (Vostok-1).
The United States first launched a satellite into space on January 31, 1956.
The smallest satellite of all time - Vanguard 1; Weighing only 3 pounds.
The first man to land on the moon - July 21, 1969
The first manned spacecraft to land on the moon - Apollo-11
The first man to land on the moon was Neil Alden Armstrong (1930-2012).
Name of the world's first and largest space launch center - Baiknur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan (in 1950).
Indian lunar vehicle found on the moon - Chandrayaan-1.
The name of the robot in Mars Path Finder - Sojarner.
Distance from Earth to Mars - 6.6 million kilometers.
The first spacecraft landed on Mars - July 20, 1986.
The period of rotation of Mars on its own axis - 24 hours 36 minutes.
Full version of NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
NASA was founded in 1958.

The world at a glance

The area of ​​the earth is 50,95,53,000 square kilometers
The circumference of the earth - 40,000 kilometers.
The diameter of the earth is 12,758 kilometers at the equator.
The radius of the earth - 6434 kilometers
Distance from the sun to the earth - about 150 million kilometers.
Earth's surface area - 29.1 percent of the total area.
The water area of ​​the earth - 70.9 percent of the total area.
There are 6 continents in the world.
The largest continent in the world - Asia. Area (4,45,69,000 sq km).
The smallest continent in the world - Oceania. Area (61,12,000 sq km).
Russia is the largest country in the world in size. Area (1,60,75,400 sq km).
The smallest country in the world in size - Vatican City 44 square miles.
China is the largest country in the world in terms of population
The world's smallest country by population - Vatican City 900 people.
The total number of independent states in the world is 196.
The total number of states in the world - 233.
Number of sovereign states in the world - 203.
The total number of democracies in the world - 123.
The warmest place in the world - Jekokabad (Pakistan).
The coolest place in the world - Vykhyanx, Russia
The coldest region of the world - Siberia.
The longest river in the world - the Nile (Egypt). (Area 6825 km).
The largest lake is the Caspian (3,95,299 sq km).
The highest capital - La Paz.
The only satellite on Earth - the moon.
It takes the earth time to orbit the sun - 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 48 seconds.
The period of rotation of the earth on its axis is 23 hours and 55 minutes.
The average distance of the moon from the earth is 3,64,400 kilometers.
The northernmost city in the world - Hammerfast (Norway).
The southernmost city in the world - Puyoto William (Chile).
The Perforated State of the World - Italy (because Vatican City and San Marino are located within Italy).
Fragmented countries of the world - Japan and Indonesia.

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