History, Origin, Appearance and Settlements of Ancient Bengal.

History, Origin, Appearance and Settlements of Ancient Bengal

Identity of Bengali Nation - As Shankar Nation.

The word Bengali originates from the metal Banga.

In ancient times, the name of the people living in this region - Bengal.

As a result of the inhabitants of Bengal, this region was named as Bangabhumi.

The first mention of the name Banga is found in the Aitareya Aranyaka texts of the traditional religion.

Bengal is the home of the people - from the east bank of the river Bhagirathi to the western part of Assam.

The first mention of the patriotic Bengali name is found in Abul Fazl's Ain-e Akbari.

According to historians, the origin of the Bengali name is - (Bang + Al) The origin of the Bengali name from Bengal.

Radha means - the west bank of the river Bhagirathi.

Another name for Radha is Sukshma.

The capital of Radha was - crores.

Gaur was the capital of the region - Karnasuvarna.

The capital of Samatata was Barakamata.

The Aryan colony was established at the end of the Vedic period.

The Aryans first arrived in the subcontinent - in 2000 BC.

Primitive inhabitants of Bengal - Cole, Vel, Santal and Mund etc.

The language of the people of the original settlements of Bengal was Austronesian.

Name of small region of ancient Bengal - Janapada.

Bengal was made an empire - from the time of the Mauryas.

The independent state of Bengal was founded in the Maurya period.

King Shashanka was the first independent king of ancient Bengal.

The Bengali nation is basically known as the descendants of the Aryas.

This area was inhabited by non-Aryans before the arrival of Aryans.

The Bengali nation was formed - a combination of Austronesian, Dravidian and Aryan nations.

The last king of the ancient era in the history of Bengal - Lakshman Sen.

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