Empire of ancient India-general knowledge

Empire of ancient India

Maurya Empire:

Founder of the Maurya Empire - Chandragupta Maurya.

The capital of Chandragupta was - Patali Putre

Chandragupta Maurya was the first to establish a unity state in ancient India.

During the reign of the emperor, Buddhism spread in this country - Emperor Ashoka.

Seeing the horrors of the war, Emperor Ashoka converted to Buddhism - the battle of Kalinga.

The last king of the Maurya dynasty was the great Maurya.

Atisha Dipankar is the Bengali who went there at the request of the King of Tibet to rid Buddhism of corruption.

The Gupta Empire:

Founder of the Gupta Empire - Chandragupta I.

The best king of the Gupta dynasty - Samudragupta.

The original residence of the Gupta emperors - in Uttar Pradesh.

Among the Gupta emperors is called Indian Napoleon - Samudragupta.

The famous Chinese traveler who visited India during the reign of Chandragupta II - Fa Hien.

Samudragupta wrote a poem and got the title - Kathiraj.

Kalidasa was a Gupta poet.

The name of Kalidasa's epic - Meghdoot.

Chandragupta II had the title - Vikramaditya

Gaur dynasty

Emperor Shashanka was the first emperor and founder of the independent Gaur kingdom.

There was a powerful king of the Gaur dynasty - Shashanka.

Shashanka had the title - Mahasamanta.

Harshavardhana was the king of that region - Thaneshwar.

Nalanda University was founded by Raja Harshavardhana.

Harshavardhana's poet was Banavatta.

Pala dynasty

The Pala dynasty was founded in 650.

Long lasting dynasty of Bengal - Pala dynasty.

The kings of the Paul dynasty ruled Bengal for about 400 years.

The founder of the
Paul dynasty - Gopal.

The best king of the
Paul dynasty - Dharmapala.

The last king of the
Paul dynasty - Rampal.

The Pala dynasty became extinct in 1124.

Somapura Bihar was founded by Dharmapala.

Sompur Bihar is located in Paharpur of Naogaon district.

The earliest patterns of Bengali language were composed during the Pala dynasty.

Sen dynasty

Hemantasen, the founder of the Sen dynasty.

The best emperor of the Sen dynasty - Vijay Sen.

The last king of the Sen dynasty - Lakshman Sen.

The Sen dynasty came to an end in 1204 AD.

Parameshwar, Param Bhattarak, Maharajadhiraja was the title - Vijay Sen.

Gaureshwar was the title - Lakshman Sen.

Lakshman Sen's capital was Gaur and Nadia.

The last Hindu king of Bengal - Lakshman Sen.

Formerly known as Bolghakpur or the land of rebellion - Bengal.

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