Good and bad of PTC site

Good and bad of PTC site 

Good and bad of PTC site
You probably already know a lot about PTC sites, and many have worked on PTC sites. At first, many people have been working hard on the PTC site with the goal of earning money online. Some may have returned disappointed, while others may still be working. Today I will say for them, can PTC site really be taken as online earning or part time job?

Those who have come up with new online earning thoughts and are thinking of working on PTC site, what will they do?

There are many ways to earn money online, just find those ways according to qualifications. The key to earning a living is to work hard. For those who are thinking of earning money without hard work, I say life is much happier if you just work hard. Now let's talk about earning PTC site in a short time, there are many PTC sites available online, not all of them are legit, but not all of them are fake. But how do I understand, which is legit and which is fake?

Ways to recognize Legit PTC site: -

1. The first thing is that legit PTC sites will never ask you to invest there.
2. They will never give you a signup bonus above 50 cents if you register on that site.
3. One of their specialties is the lifting amount of their site is 2 to 5 dollars. That means you can withdraw money if you have 2-5 dollars in your account.
4. Their advertising value is relatively low.
5. Their customer care support is very advanced
6. They close multiple accounts in 24 hours.

Fake PTC site: -

1. They will offer you lucrative investments.
2. Signup bonus will be 5-100$.
3. Only 500$ in the account and 100$ in the condition that you can withdraw.
4. Do not get their customer support.
5. Even if you open a few accounts on their site, your account will not be closed.

Now let's talk about work

If you have set a goal to earn money online, you must stay away from PTC sites. And work on microjob site, create your own blog and make YouTube videos. And congratulations to those who have had success working on the PTC site.

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