The Solar System

The universe was born – about 15 billion years ago

The birth of the universe – through the Big Bang

The promoter of the Big Bang Theory – George Lemitier Gasso

Let me explain the full concept of the Big Bang Theory – Stephen Hawking

The father of quantum theory – Max Planck

Discovered the Black Hole – John Wheeler, 1956.

The father of the theory of relativity – Albert Einstein

Galileo Galilei was the first to say that the earth revolves around the sun

The process of creating solar energy was discovered by Albert Einstein in 1925.

Nebula – A faint galaxy full of gaseous matter and gas, floating like a black cloud

The solar system is a small part of the vast universe of infinite space

Used to measure the distance of stars from Earth and stars from stars – light years

It takes time for light to come from the sun to the earth – 6 minutes 19 seconds

The speed of light per second – 1,6,000 miles or 300,000 kilometers

The nearest star to the earth – the sun

Sun – composed mainly of hydrogen gas (55%) and helium (44%)

The brightest star in the sky – Mercury

Poles are seen – in the northern hemisphere

The sun is at the center of the solar system

The smallest planet in the solar system and closest to the Sun – Mercury

There are 6 planets and 49 satellites in the solar system

The sun is 13 lakh times bigger than the earth

The diameter of the sun is about 13 lakh 94 thousand kilometers

The temperature of the part above the sun – 56000 degrees Celsius

The closest planet to Earth – Venus

Venus is called Venus in the morning and Sandhyatara in the evening.

The planet that has no satellites – Mercury and Venus.

Most of Venus’s atmosphere is full of gases – carbon dioxide

The origin of the star – from the nebula

Stars can be seen with the naked eye – 11000 (approximately)

The only ideal planet in the solar system – Earth

The earth rotates – from west to east

The average temperature of the earth’s surface is 13.9 degrees Celsius

Chad’s attraction to the earth is twice that of the sun

The only satellite on Earth – the moon

The distance of the moon from the earth – 3,84,000 kilometers

It takes the moon to rotate the earth once – 28 days 6 hours

Mars or Mars is named after the Roman war god Mars

The planet is called – Jupiter

Number of Jupiter satellites – 50

The planet on which the sun rises twice – Jupiter

Jupiter’s atmosphere is made up mainly of ammonia and methane gas

Halley’s Comet Discovered – Edmund Halley

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