Health Insurance: What You Need to Know?

 Prior this year, some significant changes in medical coverage were received. It is acceptable to be acquainted with the law and to follow the adjustments in it, so you know about your privileges and commitments consistently.

First of all, you can generally check your medical coverage status on the NRA site (National Revenue Agency) or by telephone, in the two cases by entering your PIN.

Furthermore, presently we should see the progressions from 2020 and the responses to the main inquiries concerning medical coverage.

Changes in medical coverage 2020

Toward the start of 2020, the sums due for medical coverage changed. This is because of the progressions made in the administrative system and the expanded measure of the base protection pay, which is now BGN 610.

The measure of the required medical coverage commitment is dictated by Art. 2 of the State Social Insurance Budget Act.

For 2020, medical coverage remains 8% of pay. The vast majority of it is borne by the business, and less by the worker – the proportion is 60:40.

The specific commitment for every individual relies upon his pay, regardless of whether he works, whether he is self-safeguarded and whether he has the status of jobless with or without the privilege to benefits.

Medical coverage for people who in 2020 are not on work or identical agreements, are paid on protection pay at least 50% of its base sum and not more than the measure of the most extreme protection pay (which is 3000 BGN every month).

This year for self-protected people half of the base protection pay is equivalent to BGN 305. It follows that the sum due for medical coverage for the jobless is at least BGN 24.40 every month.

How are medical coverages paid and by whom?

Those individuals who are dependent upon mandatory protection with the National Health Insurance Fund, however are not guaranteed on any of the grounds of the Health Insurance Act (for instance, the for all time jobless without the privilege to joblessness benefits), pay medical coverage at their own personal expense and present a one-time revelation – presentation structure № 7 under Ordinance H-13 of 17 December 2019 of the Minister of Finance on the event of the commitment to pay health care coverage commitments on this premise. In it they show their picked medical coverage pay.

The month to month just as the last medical coverage commitments are paid through the PIN to the ledger of the particular regional directorate of the NRA (at your perpetual location) for the assortment of incomes for the NHIF.

Jobless individuals who get joblessness benefits are excluded from medical coverage commitments. They are covered by the state spending plan.

Graduates regularly overlook the way that they must act naturally adequate for the period from moving on from school to beginning college. They should then present a record from the important college guaranteeing that they are understudies.

How to present an assertion № 7?

You can present the assertion at the workplace of the Revenue Agency, via mail with a return receipt or electronically by means of an individual ID code (PIC) – this is gotten for nothing out of pocket on the spot.

What is the cutoff time for installment of medical coverage?

Jobless people in 2020 must compensation their wellbeing commitments by the 25th of the month following the month for which they are expected. For instance, on the off chance that you have an obligation for the long stretch of September, you can pay it until October 25.

Those people who gave medical coverage themselves in the earlier year ought to likewise make a yearly leveling and pay last wellbeing commitments. This happens when the pay under the government form for the earlier year surpasses the protection pay on which medical coverage commitments have been paid month to month for the year. This applies to rental pay, sovereignties and such.

The yearly change for these people is made through Table 2, an addendum to the yearly government form. The cutoff time for paying the last wellbeing commitments for the particular year is normally April 30 of the next year.

What happens when medical coverage isn't paid?

As per Art. 109, para. 1 of the Health Insurance Act, in the event that you have not paid medical coverage for over 3 months inside the past three years, you will be denied of medical coverage rights. So as to reestablish your wellbeing status, you should pay all due commitments throughout the previous 5 years.

It is critical to realize that for this situation, your clinical costs are not repaid.

Do individuals on unpaid leave owe wellbeing commitments?

In the event that you are on unpaid leave of your decision and you are not safeguarded on different grounds, you owe wellbeing commitments at your own personal cost. At that point you are an independently employed individual and you need to pay the due wellbeing commitments to your manager. On the off chance that you don't, your manager isn't obliged to contribute them from its own personal assets.

Know that back up plans (businesses) are obliged by law to submit information with a statement structure № 1 and structure № 6, including for people who are on unpaid leave, paying little mind to its term.


Presently you comprehend what are your fundamental rights and commitments towards medical coverage in Bulgaria, just as the most recent huge changes in the law.

We will add that for the times of representatives and laborers in brief insufficiency for work because of sickness, pregnancy, labor and bringing up a little youngster, medical coverage is expected by the business over BGN 610.

It is imperative to screen your protection, not exclusively to dodge pointless migraines and assents, yet additionally not to bargain your wellbeing and not to hazard winding up in a horrible circumstance.

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