Successes, for example, that of the TV series Cuéntame are a decent show that the present Spaniards have a high interest in what life resembled many years prior; for instance, 50 years. This has made us imagine that, truly, protection additionally has its own Tell me how we have changed ; on the grounds that, in all actuality, in 50 years we have changed a great deal. We will disclose to you a few things.

In the event that we express all the sums in euros for 2019, that is, we dispose of the function of swelling, we will find that the Spanish GDP, in 50 years, has increased by 4.2, while the populace has duplicated by 1.4. Nonetheless, protection incomes have developed substantially more: internationally, they have increased by 11; by ten those of the necessary accident coverage; for 24 those of wellbeing; and no under 60 extra security charges. This implies that Spaniards cover our backs with protection somewhere in the range of 10 and multiple times more than our grandparents .

From reimbursement protection to support protection

Something else that has been pivoted like a sock is the degree of administration. 50 years back, necessary vehicle protection dealt with 180,000 mishaps; today it deals with around 3,000,000; The accident coverage of today, at that point, has just performed on January 21 of every year the very administrations that it gave in the whole annuity 50 years prior . Moreover, medical coverage was liable for the administrations contracted in 1.4 million strategies; today there are 7.8 million agreements. At last, memorial service protection went to 179,000 internments, yet today it goes to 275,000.

The distinction between the development paces of the populace and of protection customers gives a decent proportion of the gigantic financial change that has occurred in Spain in these fifty years.

In the period, the populace has developed at a normal yearly pace of 0.7%. Vehicle policyholders, nonetheless, have grown multiple times quicker than that rate every year ; those of wellbeing, multiple times quicker; passing rates, twice as quick; and the existence safeguarded, at last, have grown multiple times quicker than the populace itself.

Why has protection become so a lot, in any event, dominating the economy and the populace? Well there are a few purposes behind this.

To start with, as a general public becomes more extravagant , the things it needs to ensure are more, or more significant.

For legitimate reasons . The fundamental one in this period was the section of Spain into the European Economic Community, which implied expecting the base protection limits for necessary accident coverage, a lot higher than those then in power in Spain.

For the making of new protection and inclusion . For instance, 50 years prior there was no home protection as we probably am aware it today.

When all is said in done terms, since protection, 50 years prior, was next to no present in Spanish society and economy . Truth be told, after this street, still, right up 'til today, Spanish protection is still less thick than that of the primary European nations.

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